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Why do it the hard way?

Stump grinding is the fastest, easiest and ecologically responsible way to remove those unwanted tree stumps from your yard. Stumps can be removed within a day, giving you more time to get your yard in shape for summer.



What's NEW

We can now do EVERYTHING!!

No job is impossible with the addition of our bucket truck to our fleet. We can now perform precise trimming and limb removal in higher locations right from the bucket.

360 Panoramic view

Here is the "before" panoramic shot of the property with all the trees we are took down. .There were a total of 18 trees that needed removed.

Here is the "after" panoramic shot of the property with all the trees and stumps removed. We were able to complete the job using 47 man hours. Click on each picture to see the dramatic results.

Community Efforts

Video by Fairbanks News Miner

Volunteers clean up rundown park in Fairbanks' University West neighborhood
Fairbanks Stump Grinders was on hand to help
With full crew, our chipper and debris removal truck we provided 8 hours of our service to this important community project. The cost for the crew and use of the equipment was just over $3000.00 and worth every penny. We were happy to help out and write it off as a complete donation to see that your children and mine have a nice place to play.

No job is too small

The Alpine Magnum in action.

We can get to all the other areas
that no one else can. Small yards,
under sheds or buildings, gated
yards and even steep hillsides.

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Featured Video

Fairbanks Stump Grinder offers more services then you can shake a stick at. Chipping, land clearing and tree falling, basically full tree removal service. In this video you can see how we use both machine and man power to conduct what we like to call, Backyard logging.

Hydro-axing? What is that?! The best way to explain it is a quick an easy way to clear a large portion of land where the land is mostly covered with brush and small trees. Making it easier to come in and remove and larger trees that have been identified for removal.


You made cutting half-dead 75ft trees, 2ft from power lines, 4ft from my house look like a magic trick!!! Thanks so much for coming out to cut five trees on such short notice!!! I had to get them out to get new water well dug. You saved us from another winter without out water. Fast-Furious-Fabulous Thank You

-Sue G

Jon, Thanks for the amazing job you did in my back yard, Big Stumps, root systems and pretty much rototilled out my fence line with that amazing machine. That would've taken me 3 days to do what you did in 30 minutes. Thanks Again....

-Ken V